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Honda Emblem for NA2 Intake Manifold Plate

4 March 2012
Calgary, AB Canada
Hi Guys,

I'm looking for the best option, preferably OEM to replace the "A" emblem on the intake manifold plate as seen below.


Just had my cover and plate painted NSX-R style and would like to go for an OEM-look without having to get the NSX-R plate. It would probably have to be one of the smaller and flat "H" badges that you stick on, since the grooved area is flat and relatively small. I prefer the silver non-filled emblem, but would do a red-filled emblem if need be.

Hopefully someone has had success doing this, and if so, could provide the part-number and/or source they used. I have already contacted a local dealership to see if they have anything that fits the bill, but was told they only carry the larger pronged emblems which are specific to application.

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Thanks for the advice. I've already had the plate painted as shown in the first ppost so buying the SOS plate, although a good option, would be counterproductive. Plus this is an opportunity for me to try something a bit different.

Comtec, I think the only realistic way to get the lettering done like that is to buy the actual nsx-r plate, with the way the end letters are bevelled. I'm not ready to dish out 350 bucks for it, and as mentioned, am willing to do something different while retaining an OEM look.
I think you would have to buid up the center, not bevel the ends but yes it would take some work.

I have been looking for the HONDA like that for a while in a smaller version for the top of my engine, but different spot then yours :wink:. I just bought one for $30 that now i will have to mod to get exactly what i want. The one i found is beveled at the N and i need it flat and oh yeah, it's gold :rolleyes:.

I did some research for you today on my 700 mile drive. The smallest emblems i saw were the rear emblems on the old civics and the old crv which look to be the same. Not sure of the years but this pic is the civic style. Go to a mall or junk yard and measure to see if it will work.



Got mine yesterday.

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Part number 87111-MCA-505 is from a 2001 through 2004 Honda Goldwing.
Motorcycle part. It goes on the rear trunk box
Don't try to order it from an Acura dealer, It will come up as a invalid part number. You have to get it from a motorcycle dealer.
What does this "HONDA" emblem measure? What is it off of?

Hey Brad,
Dwayne is correct and that's why i included the part number. I have been looking for a smaller version of the letters on the oem R intake and the smallest i could find was about 6" long which was too much for my application. Just happened upon this one and it will work perfect. It's not exactly molded flat but that's a easy fix.

Got it at www.powersportspro.com (Dillon-Brothers Motorsports) for $20.64

4 3/8" long
1/2" wide

Hey Guys,

I bought a stick on small Honda emblem from e-bay which seems to do the trick. Sorry for low quality cell phone pic at night!

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