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Hot girl + 360 + Angel Crest = Perfect girl?

dammit!!! I told my girlfriend to quit taking my ride when I'm hard at work!!! :mad:

BTW, hope my wife doesn't read this :redface: :tongue: :biggrin:
Well that age old question has finally been answered; yes, Ferrari's come with multiple air-bag deployment systems in the event of impact to cushion the blow.....

Aside from that, Daaaaaaammmmmnnnnn!
That video was hot! That girl is smokin, then she starts beating on that 360! I didn't think she could get hotter and she did! That is a bit unreal! :biggrin:
I like everything except the boobs... too big, ew.

That car sounded sweet in the tunnels, kind of makes me want one...in 10 years
a real classy broad (vomittt)...

hmmm... Ya'll are a bunch of perverts! :biggrin:

(yeah, yeah... it's like the pot callin' the kettle black :tongue: )

I personally think this vid' linked below is still a cut above the rest: :cool:

... and the winner is: