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Hot NSX on ebay!

That does look like a nice car Dave... You may want to post in the nsxsc.com board as there are a lot of Texans there. Also, realize that when an auction is set with no reserve, the owners usually will bid themselves until they get it up to where they'd be willing to sell (IOW .. a reserve) so who knows what it will sell for. It seems to be lowered, WW kit, Carbon Fiber int.(the cheap one), tint, aftermarket wheels, aftermarket exhaust, MOMO Combat shift knob, aftermarket stereo with tweeters mounted into the door panels(that was dumb, IMO), intake, CD and phone. The wires behind the driver's seat scare me but could just be part of the stereo system. Looks like a good deal. I wouldn't worry about snap ring either as it would have likely failed by now with those miles on it. Probably not in range. Go for it!

Todd Arnold


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Thanks Todd, I will post in NSXSC and see if they know anything about the car. I emailed the person placing it up for bid and they didnt respond.

I am guessing this car will go for over 35,000.. which puts it out of my league. I really need a new job!

NetViper -= looking to get an NSX before I turn 26! =- Didn't make 25 :(
I wouldn't worry about snap ring either as it would have likely failed by now with those miles on it.

Not necessarily. Some snap rings have failed after as many as 100K miles or more.

Probably not in range.

Probably IS in range, as most '92's are. The "range" is the range of transmission ID's affected by the snap ring problem. However, the problem was the proper measurement of tolerances by one of the machines used during the manufacturing process. Throughout this range, it would manufacture some of the snap ring cases properly, and others improperly. Thus some of the cases that are "in the range" are fine, while others are not.

Hope this helps.