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Hot start problem with CTSC on early car

22 April 2001
West Palm Beach, Florida
I often experience a stalling problem after 10 to 20 minute stops. It occured to me that this could be because I have an early 1991 which originally came with the cooling blower in the passenger side vent which is removed for the CTSC installation. (I was also surprised that my car doesn't have an idle adjustment screw as shown in hte owner's manual).
Anyone else?
The engine bay cooling fan went away in all cars in I think 95 so it's really not necessary. The air bypass adjustment is there it's just covered over with a potting materal. The idle speed is controled by the ecu and the EACV (electronic air control valve) so the idle bypass adjustment should never need to be changed. I would look for a small vacuum leak, clean the throttle body and maybe do the EACV adjustment procedure.