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Hot weather testing in Australia at Alice Springs

4 May 2009

Looks like it has made it to Australia already. Alice is near Ayers Rock and has unlimited speed limits north of the town for a few hundred miles, plus is quite warm during the day!

Was chatting to a Honda R&D guy at NSXPO who had been out here a few times hot weather testing, he said one of the tests was to leave the keys on the ground in the sun then when car/keys were up to temp they open the door and throw the hot keys on the dash to see if it scratches the plastic......very high tech!
Honda are bringing one of the pre-production cars to the Melbourne F1 next month to coincide with Honda getting back into F1.
It's was also spotted in Willow Springs recently. I'm surprised no US members posted this:



Honda seems to be serious with testing in various countries. I wonder if it the same prototype shipped back and forth?