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How do I remove the panel between the rear glass and the side window?


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9 January 2012
I need to remove this panel that is between the rear windshield and the side window. I don't know what it's called so I added a picture.

It seems like it would just pull off, but I feel some resistance. I want to be sure that I don't break it when I take it off. Maybe it has a plastic rivet of some sort on the back?

I'm new to the forum so any response would be appreciated.



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inside the car you need to remove the inside panel
where the seatbelt goes into, there are 2 8mm bolts that hold that in.

you need a deep socket to take them off.

one on the top and one on the bottom

its a real PIA to do

cuz you need to remove a bunch of stuff as to not break any thing
thanks for your reply but I can't seem to figure out how to get the inside panel off where the seatbelt goes. I can't tell if that inside panel just slides out or if it is more complicated. Do I take the seatbelt off first?

The reason I am taking the outside panel off is because when I slam the car door the back part of that little panel pops loose and bulges outward. The front part of the panel doesn't come off though.

thanks again
ok if its a coupe then you need to remove the upper center leather long board

then remove the squares behind the seats,

then take off the engine glass lever driverside only passengerside easy.

then remove the side leather bolster.

once this is removed you know have access to pull the seatbelt cover off, there are clips dont be scared just get you fingers under it and pull

now there is a small screw holding the headliner on, take that screw out. now you can bend the headliner down enough to get your hand up to get to the top 8mm Nut.

since its an older car some of the clips may break but when you re-install the rubber seals hold it in enought to pass inspection. I have never seen all the clips break only 1 or 2.

then peel back the Seatbelt plastic cover a little to see the 2 big holes feel with your finger inside and you should feel the bolt tip.

insert your 8mm socket and turn.

once you have bolt bolts your done with the removal

exit the car with the engine glass up pull on the pillar and it will pop off.

IF the glass is closed you cant pull it off. the glass stops it.

same on the passenger side. minus the engine glass lever.

if you have a T-Top its almost the same process but easier.
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It's a T Top, which I probably should have mentioned. The picture is very helpful, but I can't seem to get to the 8MM nuts. If I undo the bolt holding the seatbelt, then the plastic cover behind it should just slip off, but when I pry it up and look underneath, I see some weird looking plastic piece holding it on, and I'm not sure what to do from there. I'm not sure what the upper leather long board is because I'm pretty new to these cars.
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Ok T-Top

here are the parts you need to take off

I marked them with a number from which goes off first then second etc.

you take off these 4 items you can get to the bolts.


1-3 are self expl. number 4 has a small screw under part #3 take this screw out then you need to pull twords you. not forward or back.

peel back the seatbelt plastic covers to see the bolts.

once you remove the 2 8mm nuts, you need to OPEN your engine GLASS, if your engine GLASS HATCH is closed you cant pull them off.
the glass hatch will prevent you from pulling the B pillars off the car.

thats all there is to it so I hope the pics helped
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Shawn is absoultely the most helpful person around. Photos and drawings are phenominal. Thanks Shawn!