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How many still look for NSX's out of habit?

I look for cars constantly...every night...got my laptop while watching TV...ebay, autotrader etc....Ferrari, Lambo, Porsche, NSX....over and over everyday. Hey some guys like porn....this is my thing!

Me2 except with the iPad instead, I'm addicted for sure
I'm content with what I have but it's always interesting to see what else is out there. I think it's a latent trait as enthusiasts.
I'm always looking to see what's out there that compares to mine to see how much it would cost today and tomorrow and the day after........................... But I took a few weeks off to find an S2K for a DD. I found one and it is magnificent.
I still look but, just for the sake of looking...i'm hunting down my next ride which is going to be from Italy, no not a Fiat! hahaha

It's sad to see some of the NSXs out there being sold that weren't taken care of...but, it's great to see the ones being sold by Primers because we just get IT.

I would say 90% of people that buy an NSX know what they are getting, the others just don't know how truly magnificent this car really is...we do that's why we still look. In a perfect world, I'd have a stock 02-05 to go with my NA1.
:biggrin: Ben if you do that, she might become a truly men-magnet. Get the 2nd X when she became your wife :biggrin:

If only I could propose with a car instead of a ring...

Same :biggrin:

Weird how girls seem to like the Imola. I always thought my car (purple) was the "girl" color...

These days I am cruising bimmer forums, thinking about getting an E36 M3 (in Techno Violet, of course) as a purple daily driver.
I still look but, just for the sake of looking...i'm hunting down my next ride which is going to be from Italy, no not a Fiat! hahaha

That could be my next port of call...Italy...but I won't do it at the expense of my 05 NSX....I'm thinking 360/430 coupe in a year or two...so I'm always looking...but I have to keep the NSX....I need something to drive while it's at the shop getting the "common oil leaks" repaired:tongue:
I too am guilty of always looking.I have found out more than once,that if you look,you will find and will have to have!!This just happened 2 weeks ago to me.Was just bored, looking at Classifieds,no intention of buying another car and now I own a beautiful 2005 NSX.It was close enough to go look at in person.Once I drove it,I was hooked with the HP.It has all the Comptech Goodies on it that were installed when it was brand new.Can't quit driving it.In one weeks time I have already made 5 trips down the California coast to Big Sur and back.Already have logged almost 500 miles.Love this car!!Had one about 10 years ago that now lives in Hawaii.I knew I would always get another one,thats why I kept my Factory Luggage,all these years.