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How old were you when you first bought your NSX?

19 December 2014
Hey everyone, this is my first post on Prime, but I've been lurking for a few years now. I'm twenty-four and in college and one of my biggest goals is to buy an NSX, preferably a pre-facelift NA2, if I don't get priced out of the market! I was wondering how old you guys were when you bought your cars, how long did you save, if at all, what financing a 20+ year old car was like, etc. Thanks!!
Oh boy....

I'll play along though: I was 25ish when I got mine. I think I had a 3-year loan on it. It wasn't to be "cool" though - I also had a minivan at the time to haul around kids. Like my favorite Porsche ad says: "The more kids you have, the more practical it becomes."

If you really want one and have the means, go for it!
I was 25, paid cash. I'm 30 now and just sold the car. On one hand I'm very pleased with the choice because I ended up making a profit when selling. However at 25 I was just a few years shy of having my first child, and the NSX I purchased was too nice (16k miles) to comfortably drive around town. If you want an NSX in your 20's I would suggest purchasing a well maintained higher mileage car. And don't spend up to the limit of your budget, try to find one comfortably within your means.
I just bought one at 40. I've had Ferrari's and Vette's for the last 16 years. I really like the NSX always have and fell into a mint one with 71k miles . I figure the running costs on it are basically nothing and i'll always be able to turn it for a profit so i use it to keep the miles down in a fun way on the other toys. GREAT car

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I got mine at 54, bought Ecolab in the 80s, car was free (w/plenty more Ecolab left :smile: )
Helped my son with education, got my responsibilities behind me, then said ... my turn.
If your are in a place to do it now - go for it - take care of it though.
hmmm late bloomer:wink:
47, two years ago.
52. Would have been nice to have one earlier, but would have had little time to drive it anyway. Seventeen years with the S2000 and only 40000 km.
31, decided to go ahead and get this over solar panels while I'm single and it's a viable option to have 2 Honda performance vehicles (Have S2000 as well)
I was 50 when I purchased my 91. When I was 32, I had purchased a 91 Integra and they had silver NSX on display, I was in awe as I had never heard of these let alone see one. They basically went right off my radar until 2010 as I hadn't seen one for about 20 years and totally forgot that they even existed. This car has brought me so much delight as well as delighting a lot of other folks along the way. The PERFECT pick!!

Bought mine in the wake of the '08 market crash and got a great deal. I believe I was 34 at the time.