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How to avoid infractions!

26 September 2005
I am not sure if any link exist I was unable to find it. Request to have in the general forums usage area "how to avoid getting infactions" for those of us who are non-literate.

Perhaps a hyper-link while posting a new thread to avoid infractions to avoid requesting probation before judgement.

At this top of this forum is a "sticky" thread with the rules for the site.

Yours (along with about 5 other people last night) is covered in #6 in that message.

FYI infractions are no longer displayed publicly after last night's software upgrade. They are mainly for me to track repeat offenders.
I posted an item in the for sale section unfortunately an out of state scammer/buyer wanted item before payment so I tried local. As such I recieved an infraction for posting local (my ignorance). I know its impossible to protect both seller and buyer.

I hereby request expungment from your offender list taking into account my good record and consultation/guidance to newbees-enthusiasts abroad.