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How to remove black oil/grease stains from mats?

11 June 2002
Well I just got a set of brand new Ivory mats from Hrant (excellent product and service, may I add). They looked & fit great. However as soon as I put them in and slid the seats forward, the seat rails left black oil/grease stains on them :eek:

Any idea/s how to safely remove them? Thanks!
My first thought is to try Simple Green. It is gentle enough to probably not harm your mat, but it is a great de-greaser.
Xenit and Afta are good products to use. Spray on a clean white cotton towel and blotch the affected area and repeat with a new spot on the towel until the towel and chemical soaks up the oil stains. You will then have to shampoo the carpet. Good luck.
Thanks everyone for your suggestions! I tried something (I thought was easy but simple) today. Damped folded bounty paper towel with mineral spirit and blotted the stains repeatedly. They are pretty much gone. But I'll shampoo them tomorrow and hopefully that will restore them to original and remove the remaining (little) smell as well. If you ever try it, make sure to use fresh paper every time (for at least) the first few blots as those get the most of the oil/grease out and you do not want to keep blotting with stained paper.
Glad it worked out. Be careful with how you apply the shampoo and how deep you push it. Remember, the backing of your floor mat is still foam :wink:
I sell janitorial products and deal with carpet stains day in and day out. By far the best product that I have come across in the market is from a California company called CTI. Their product line is called Pro's Choice and professional carpet cleaners (guys with van mounts) use their stuff. For oils, paints, grease and such they make a product called Pro Solve Gel. Very easy to use, you plop a little bit on the spot, work it over the surface with a t-bone scraper (or any scraper) without working it into the carpet, just move it over the surface. Then as it turns black, scrape/scoop the goop up and wipe onto a towel until it is removed from the carpet pile. I've seen this product work magic in front of my own eyes.

You can find it midway down the page at this link