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HRE Wheel Question

One of these vehicles has HRE 546's with powder coated GPW centers. The other one might have HRE's...I'm not really sure...Ha!! They are 215/35/18x8 and 285/30/19x10.5 the car has been dropped 1.5 inches and it rubs in the front every now and then especially with sharp, fast turns ( U-Turns) which I try to avoid. Otherwise, no problems and I can't tell you how much attention these wheels get. They are just awesome wheels!


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Revived an old thread


This thread is ancient!! I've had the 448Rs for 2 years now! I'm not lucky like you to have the 840Rs. ;)

I guess I'll have to step up and get the new Competition wheels!!!!

BTW, your car looks great.