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I love NY

25 May 2003
Halifax, Nova Scotia
My wife and I have have just got back from Manhatten for a weekend away. Just thought I would pass on a few words of praise about a great city. It was our second trip there and we had a great time. Our first trip was for work and we didn't get to do much but the quick tour. I always had preconceived notions, like a lot of people, that it would be a harsh, unfriendly and somewhat dangerous place :redface: . We had a fantastic time, watched some great shows, met some very nice people, ate a some wonderful restaurants and my wife LOVED the shopping. I kept watching but I never saw any NSX's, oh well maybe next time. I wouldn't blame anyone for not taking thier NSX on the streets there. New York drivers are crazy! :biggrin:
Glad you enjoyed your trip to our city. You should have stayed for the fireworks show in the harbor. It is the largest fireworks display for the 4th in the country.