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I wanted to Thank Honcho and RSO for the long constructive advice.

28 June 2005
Denver, Colorado; Los Angeles, CA & Bangkok Thaila
Thank you for taking the time to explain to me and the advice on how to progress with my case. As attorneys and a former judge, their advice was the most beneficial I have had so far.

That being said, this case is ongoing, but will updated once the case proceeds.

If there only defense is the statute of limitations, they got a whirlwind of surprise coming. Thanks to Dan Biel, who without him, this case would not be possible.

Although there are a lot more details of the case I didn't reveal, it was great advice to not reveal so much. The purpose of the thread was to just warn others to not deal with Ross.

I want to also thank everyone who contributed and given me information that I wasn't aware of.

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Thank you

good luck!

I made a stupid mistake of posting the details to alert the snakes. This guy Shaun Quinn knows Ross. He posted and made fun of me on STMPO's page (the clothing store) that has now been deleted. Oh well, my attorney friend is gonna do everything he can. I'm willing to go as far to get the cars crushed once it is considered stolen.


Will update as things progress that don't hurt the case. But I hope everyone now knows the truth about Ross. Another Prime Member was saying he is trying to return to Prime. Guess that won't happen now.

An interesting fact I will give to everyone. Arguing for statute of limitations won't work because you are self-incriminating yourself. Stolen property doesn't make it yours even if the statute of limitations run out. Statute of limitations kick in once there is discovery of "wrongdoing."

Let's see who has better attorneys and who the jury will favor. A multiple convicted criminal or me who has never even had a drunk driving ticket. I like my odds.