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In-dash aftermarket CD player sizes

24 July 2000
What size CD player will fit in the dash and where can i find a dash kit so that I dont have to cut up my existing dash trim? I want to be able to switch CD's on a CD player thats in-dash and also with one that plays mp3's from the CD...

Also is the Alpine CD changer a special model or will just about any in-dash CD player/controller work? Thanks! -E
Hey Electro,

I know Alpine has a DIN size Alpine head unit that plays single CDs and single MP3 disks too. It sells for about 600 but final prices haven't been set yet. Also if you want a custom dash check out a local stereo shop, but make sure they have a good rep and if you can check out some of their work.
You could splice into the changer cable to add a switch that goes between an aux. signal (ie. mp3 player) and the changer's audio signal.

-- Chris

Chris Willson
Correct me if I'm wrong but plan on changing out ALL of your speakers when you change out your in-dash CD player. The Bose system uses a different ohm rating than aftermarket audio accessories. The self-amplified woofer in the passenger footwell will no longer work either. If there is any disagreement please respond. My local stereo shop connections were not too knowledgeable with the NSX so my sources may not be reliable.
Not sure about what Bose did on the NSX, but note that Bose's specs (like other euro esoteric houses) are typically lower-wattage, 4ohm setups which wouldn't get along with most systems.

Compound that with Bose's tendency to have creative amp configurations and allegedly custom design car systems to specific cabins... it would seem that any replacement would have to be done as a package.

But surely there are plenty of FAQs on this topic from more knowledgeable folks...
I installed a pioneer deck on a 99 miata and it has a factory Bose system. i ran the deck's high power wires to the factory bose amp and it sounds great. More highs and lows but it lost the warm sound of Bose.

So back to the orighinal question. How to install a aftermarket stero on a NSX? i seen it done but how? Not an electrical question but a fitment question.
The signal coming out of the stock head unit is just a standard pre-amp signal. The Bose amps are integrated into the speaker boxes, so if you really wanted to you could use them with an aftermarket head unit. But they are total CRAP so if you are replacing anything you should replace them too because they are the weakest link in the system.

4 ohm is very standard for car stereo applications. The Bose amp/speaker packages actually run at more like 1 ohm.

What you cannot do is simply replace the speakers with standard aftermarket speakers and retain the Bose amps.
You can pretty much fit anything into the NSX if you really wanted to. I found that out when I purchased my 92 a month ago.
Although I don't necessarily agree, it's pretty cool now that it's in there and the equipment is expensive enough where it would be a shame to pull it out.
He stuffed an Alpine CVA-1000 (that's the LCD screen for Nav,info and movies) and a surround processor in the dash. Also a 12 disc changer and amp in the back. Even somehow fit a 12 inch Kicker sub in the car.
It took some major cutting of the dash and the job was done ok at best. I'm having that fixed in a couple weeks so it looks good. I'm not really for cutting the car up like that and adding that kind of weight, but it can be done.
Stock bose amps run at 2ohms. Most aftermarket amps have the option (a switch) to run at that level. How much more amperage can the stock speakers take? It doesn't seem like much. Toss everything for big sound, Don't touch a thing for anything less. Too much trouble, although, if the stock parts break, (even just the two amps and speakers in the doors) It might be cheaper to go with aftermarket (700 bucks for both door speakers and amps)

Stock stereo DIN is something like 1500 to 2grand. Look it up.