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Inner-Outer Tie Rod Lock Nut

27 June 2020
Boise, ID
Does anybody know if there's a trick to remove the nut that holds the inner tie rod to the outer while it's still on the car? I've been led to believe all you have to do is spin this nut, but mine looks almost like it's fused to or a part of the outer--


Closer up--

According to the manual, it's supposed to only be torqued to 32, and I hit it with WD40 overnight and it's still not budging. I don't want to apply too much force for fear of breaking anything, but going by hand isn't having any luck. I believe that both sides are stock, but I don't know that for a fact after how many owners mine's been through.
Wondering if I'm just doing it wrong or if what I'm asking isn't actually possible. Or if I should quit worrying and try to hulk it off.


This is all with the end goal of getting the steering rack out for a rebuild. I'm just lazy and also don't want to buy a ball joint separator.

Thanks in advance!
That has to be the lock nut and the tie rod, tightened onto each other, or the whole thing could unscrew while you're driving since the rack end (shown in the SM pic above) has a ball joint in it and can rotate.
You don't actually NEED to separate this joint or the ball joint. It's not easy, but you can carefully remove the boot enough to unbolt the rack end from the rack, leaving the rack end and tie rod still together. That leaves the rack ready to send to NSXrackrepair since Charles wants the rack end removed to send it to him. See the figure from the SM above. The key will be the boot band in the right orientation to undo it with a screwdriver from the bottom. If the joint is on top, you'll have to clip it from the bottom, being very careful not to damage the boot. Even so, it can be tough to get old boots off without wrecking them. One of mine was old and fragile, and the tie rod has to come off the rack end to change the boot if it has to be replaced.
I just put mine back together after getting it back from NSXrackrepair - Thanks Charles!
FWIW, a previous owner had been a little over-enthusiastic in tightening my tie-rod locknuts as well.
Also, the Honda steering grease is discontinued.
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