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IRL/Champ Car race in St. Petersburg

11 February 2000
Half Moon Bay, CA, USA
Who are these announcers? "Physical fitness is going to be an issue today both physically, but especially mentally".

What the hell does that mean? :rolleyes:
Re: Is Paul Page back? or was that Jack Arute?

Or maybe FTG told them to say that. But look on the bright side, it makes the drivers' sound intelligent. :rolleyes:
Re: Them 'transition' drivers

Just got around to watching the race, Speed Report and WindTunnel. 5 of the top 10 were Champ Car teams w/ NHL winning. How about that? :eek: Of course the ovals are a different story, but I think this race does confirm that the CC teams have some pretty damn good :cool: engineers and mechanics when it comes to setting up a car from scratch. They will soon be at the front battling with AGR, Chip and Roger every race.
I thought it was a pretty good race, TV commentating aside. Just having more than 15 cars makes the racing better. To hear Ryan Briscoe (I think) blaming a backmarker for crashing; then the commentator's tell everyone that Jay Howard wasn't a backmarker but was leading Briscoe; classic. Its good to know that even the new and improved American open wheel racer can blame the other guy still.

With some good commentators it'll be easier to watch. I am glad to see the two families back on speaking terms again. I look forward to some good competition between teams and manufacturers.