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Is this a problem?

4 December 2011
Hi all,

I just want to ask for your opinions about my case.

For example, if i buy a 91' NSX in 3 years from now. Will it be difficult to find parts for the car? The location will be in the US.

Thank you.
Depends on what you want. Some parts are no longer available now.

Maybe not freshly produced from your local dealer....but with enough money....anything is always available.

Brian, I am curious to know what parts you've encountered are no longer available?
I supposedly got the last aspirator fan.
For starters, The tall oil filters sold through Honda/Acura.

Just saw the oil filters in wiki and some good old threads. (Zanardi floor mats?) Seems to be filters aren't a show stopper to purchase though going back to Steven's original concern. Throttle cables seem to be hard to find and a $1500 price tag. Everything coming direct from Japan etc so the the game will be can you have it fixed, or replicate it for less? I've been stunned by the amount of craftsmanship coming from this site (LarryNSX carbon side mirrors are incredible.) so I'm sure some smart engineers will figure it out and place the appropriate value if demand is there.
This has to be a joke.

Read his other posts. Amazingly he seems to be serious. This includes asking here if Honda will build him a new 1995 nsx now (?!?!) and where he will be able buy parts for a '91 nsx........in 2040!?
I have found just accidently that several parts from newer model even up to 05 have the same part number as far back as 91.