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Is this for real?

28 August 2003
Hilton Head
With the price, bad misspellings and grammar of course its a scam. Also it says its in Georgia but looks like they took it to a photoshoot in Arizona or Colorado. :biggrin:
Saw this car about six months ago on autotrader with the same pics. In fact, I saw my car on autotrader for 6k about a month after I bought it. I'd really like to get a hold of these people! :mad:
Ask if the side air bags and power steering have had the factory TSB work done, since you heard these were expensive things to repair on a 1991.

If you think it's for real, then try buying it. Then come back here and tell us how much the scammer took you for.

(The scammer will probably give you a song and dance about how this U.S.-spec car is somewhere in Europe. Yeah, right...)
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This is the Interpol Internet fraud division. This listing is now being tracked to the sender/poster of this listing. If this listing is not removed within 48 hours the Interpol crime division will contact/locate persons or person listing this post. :biggrin:
BTW, the seller's phone # is listed too. PRIVATE SELLER

If any of you have some free time and free off hours cell phone coverage, you might want to call him to chat a little bit. :biggrin: :biggrin: