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Is this for real?

If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. This site is filled with people who went on a whim thinking they were getting a steal, and got burned. Give a good price for a good car, and everyone is happy. When you try to bottom-line, you usually get a bottom car; I say usually - there are steals out there, but it's rare.
That is a very thorough listing for a scam. These guys are getting better at putting in the info. He even put info in about how he went out of his way to not wear out the bolsters! This con knows about NSX's. Crazy stuff.
Thanks folks for the heads up on someone stealing my eBay auction using it on AutoTrader. It has now ben removed from there and they are nice enough to offer me a free ad if I do not sell it on eBay. I have tried to call the seller a fellow named Jose ----- at trailer #36 in Farmington, NM, but no answer yet. I can assure everyone that I am in fact the owner - but the price is not $14,500... Mike Shaw / 770-934-6384