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Is this panel gap normal? (2002 fender and front bumper)

11 November 2022
Oklahoma City
I am bidding on this NSX on BaT
And I notice in pictures 10,18,19,23,45 there is a noticeable gap between the fender and lower front bumper. Also it looks like some separation where the fender liner is. Just wanted to check if is this normal and something that can be adjusted to close the gap or if it is possible the result of either an accident or someone removing the parts and poorly reinstalling them. I don't notice that much gap on most other NSX's I see

I am being a bit anal but spending $$$$$$ on the car so just wanted to ask some of the experts in this community first.

It looks like the front bumper was bolted on a little lower than it's suppose to be. Like it may have been removed at some point and not put back on perfectly. The front bumper is a pita to get re-aligned. It can take a few attempts to get it right. The lower half of the front bumper should not look like that where it attaches to the wheel wells. It looks like the bolts weren't tightened, but could be caused by the whole bumper sitting a bit low.


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Agreed something is not sitting right in that corner. At least the seller isn’t hiding it, might need some adjustments
Well lets just say I will hopefully be finding out after next week :) Hopefully it is nothing bad hiding under there and just an adjustment needed. I will keep everyone posted.