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It's been a long time

19 May 2003
Green, New Jersey
Hey everyone it's been a VERY long time!!

I'm not even sure the last time I posted anything was and I believe the last event I was going to attend was Kid's Day 2007 when I had a slight mishap on the way up :rolleyes: I even missed everyone giving me Happy Birthday cheer back in December :(

Anyway, the whole family is doing great and we miss all of you. Nicholas is getting very big and is super cute. Abigail is walking and talking up a storm as she runs around trying to keep up with her big brother. As for Karen and I, we have been extremely pre-occupied since October with our new project. We're currently building a new home in Green Township and selling two houses. One of the homes, in West Orange needs a lot of work and I have been there literally everyday after work from 6:30-11:00PM and all day Saturday and Sunday doing repairs and renovations. It's an enormous undertaking and we are stressed trying to get these homes sold before our October 2008 closing on our new house.

My other home in Sparta is currently on the market (two weeks) and is generating some interest but we're still very stressed. We NEED to sell our houses.

This is why I've pretty much been a ghost for months. I haven't even rebuilt my CRX from last year. All my parts are here and the block has been re-bored but I have ZERO time.

Anyway, please write back I'd really like to hear from you guys and an NSX is still on my mind (and always will be). Hopefully once we move in and things calm down I will be able to get another one.
Too long, but it was good catching up with you a short while ago. Real estate is real tough now, and IMO not going to get much easier anytime soon. Price it right, be realistic and pray a lot!!! Best to Karen!
Hey now John! Good to hear the family is well.As Roger said selling depends on a lot of things.If you have to, think about renting,or rent to buy.I'm not sure if you knew but we are in our new house a year,and built as well.Any ?s just pm me.
good to hear from you john!!
i am actually going in the opposite direction
vis a vis fam deconstruction:frown:

good luck in the house adventure...:eek:
kids sound great, love to all.
if you need a hand locally for anything let me know.