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It's official(ly a prototype)

Alex - Thanks for the GREAT report! I look forward to hearing more about the trip sometime. If you have any good pictures, please e-mail and I'll post them!
Does the normal coupes sport 17/17 wheels too? If so what is the wheel design? 7 spoke like the type R? Like the current OEM? Mesh like the BBS?

From the latest (Nov 26) issue of AutoWeek:

"Honda says the NSX-R it showed in Tokyo is just a prototype, due in part to extensive use of carbon fiber on the hood, air outlets, engine cover and rear spoiler. But many of the subtle styling changes in this prototype will make it to the next-generation NSX that arrives on our shores next year. Again, Honda calls the NSX-R a prototype, but can you say 'supercar'? Super indeed."
in the latest Automobile Magazine (January 2002), the reviews on the NSX Type-R from the Tokyo Auto Show were interesting:

DESIGN COMMENTARY: The catfish-face bottom-feeder nose, exposed headlamps, and tacked-on tailfins imply a forthcoming face lift, but the whole is woefully inelegant compared with the original and merely makes us dream of an all-new car.

OF NOTE: Goes on sale in Japan this winter.
Originally posted by GruppeMUSA:
2. Rumor has it that they are thinking of bringing the NSX-R over here to the States.
Does anyone have any updates as to whether this Type R (or the Type S, which evidently is not being discontinued) will be made available in the US.

Or, at the very least, get some of these parts available (factory r_ce). I particularly like the rear diffuser and valance on the showcar.