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Jacking points

25 November 2004
Upstate NY
Are there any center points on these cars to use a floor jack in order to lift the the entire front or rear ? I'd like to get my car up onto jack stands and going corner to corner seems pretty tedious--especially since I can't fit my floor jack under the sides of the car. Also, where are good spots for the jack stands?
There ARE center points on the sides of the car, so you can lift the entire left side or the entire right side. Assuming you have a jack that clears the jacking points (which you should, if you're working on your own car; if you don't, you should get one).
No front or rear jack points, only along the sides

The car is so low and the angle is great for the car to be resting only on "rear only" or "front only" jack stands would be unsafe. Don't do it, not worth it.

Since you have to lift up one entire side no matter what you do: you might as well just put the car down up on all 4 stands. Safer and just as fast.

I will lift only one corner of the car when changing oil or a tire, but I won't put any part of my body underneath that could get crushed.