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JH4NA12655S000001 - Any info on this one???

26 May 2009
Voorhees, New Jersey
I am contemplating purchasing this NSX (05 silverstone/onyx AT) - I have read a few posts about it, but no one seemed to offer any opinions...

If there is ANYONE who knows anything about this car, I would REALLY appreciate it if you wouldn't mind sharing.

Thanks in advance!
Welcome! Did you try a search? There is at least 1 thread on this car.
A simple Google search of the VIN came up with this report plus a few dealer ads with pictures when it was sold by them.
Yes, I saw that it looks like the dealer/dealer wife drove the car and then it has been going around on the auction block all over the place for a few months - new york, cincinnati, and now in chicago. I was wondering if anyone had any more info on the 20k miles that the dealer drove it. Otherwise, let's see if I can pull the trigger...

any idea what a fair price would be for this?