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Just bought A nsx jh4na1187st000185

28 June 2005
Bay Area
bought it for 35k in san jose. after two days of driving, the engin light came on and tcs light keeps blinking. I took it to a shop and stated it was the ignigtion coil, they also told me that the ECU has "dynamic turbo" written on it? what should i look out for??
Well, off the top of my head I would check 2 things:

1. By your description, it sounds like you have an aftermarket ECU. I did not know they worked with OBDII. Even if they do, I would return it to stock at least while diagnosing the problem.

2. If the TCS light is blinking, it could be the ECU but the most common thing is incorrect tire sizes. What are you running F & R? How do the symptoms change if you turn off the TCS system by the switch on the dash?