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Just comitted to Join This Rare Breed Once Again

16 April 2005
Warren County
Picking up my second NSX this week and can't wait to start to experience what I have missed. Any advice on the latest mods from wheels, exhaust, electronics and exterior would be greatly appreciated. Last one I owned was back in '95

Have had a plethora of vehicles and still missed my NSX! Looking forward to the continued guidance from this board.

Take care,

We need more specifics on the one you're getting!
Welcome back... what took you so long? :wink:
2005 Black on black NSX-T no mods, but can't wait to start with that process. First thing I want to pick up are a set of wheels. Not sure which ones, so any feedback would be appreciated.

BTW, I took so long because I lost sight of how beautiful and rare this gem is! But I am back now.
This was made for you... http://www.nsxprime.com/forums/showthread.php?t=46639
I personally like the stockers - on the '95+ cars, but to each his own. Beautiful combo - any idea on the delivery date?
You say you've "had a plethora of vehicles". It's always interesting to to get reviews on other cars from NSX owners. Have you had anything in the NSX league that you can compare?
Thanks for the info.....I am expecting delivery this week (hopefully wednesday). I have had an Audi S6 back in 95, 97 M3 Sedan, Boxster S, and my current 03 M3 Coupe. The closest and very competitive to the NSX, was the Boxster S. Great Brakes, snappy acceleration and very precise handling. I think as a keeper, the NSX is a very interesting choice, as it has the fun factor, the exotic look and low production #'s, yet incredible reliability and everyday driveability.

Some day when I grow up, I might try one of those Italian Prancing Horses.....if I am foolish enough. For now I CAN'T Wait till Wednesday!

Later.... :biggrin:
1st mod?


Are you keeping the m3?

it'll be interesting to hear your views concerning the comparo...
First Mod, Wheels.......Need to find the right look, weight, and sizing. As far as the M3, I am not sure yet if I will keep or not. I will have to spend some time with both before I can clearly point out the differences. It should be a fun experiment! :biggrin: :biggrin: