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KANE( Ravi)

25 April 2002
East Brunswick N.J.
Last week I received a call from my body shop stating he had broke my left side door crank. It's a small part that makes the door lock go up and down. This part is on nationwide back order, through Acura. So I figure I would give Ravi a call. Called him to ask if he had this part, he said don't worry I'll take it off my race car a send it priority mail, as long as when the new part comes off back order I get it shipped back. Not too many people would have done this. Ravi (KANE) is a great person and an asset to the nsx community. I would highly recommend him, he makes great parts and is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks, Frank
One of the best vendor's here on Prime, Ive ordered from him on countless occasions and every time, its just perfect. Never had an issue and a real nice guy.
I agree with all you guys. Ravi is a good person. His craftsmanship is excellent. I've seen his masterpieces. My car is at his shop right now as we speak being worked on. Thanks for everything Ravi.
I just met up with Ravi and his carbon fibre material is just gorgeous, amazing craftsmanship, he is also great to deal with, I just bought some items off of him and he went that extra mile to meet me at the border even though he is about 2.5 hours away. Just a amazing person to deal with, more ppl should be like him.

thanks again Ravi
Just got some OEM pieces from Ravi. Super fast response and communicates excellent. :smile:Offered to walk/guide me to steps to remove OEM pieces. Very nice guy.