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Knee Bolster Pad Removal

7 May 2005
Roseville, CA.
91 NSX

The material on my knee bolster pad is unatached and haning. If anyone knows how to remove this pad so I can reatach the material it would be apprecated.

So far I have removed the dashboard lower panel and the two skrews on the bottom of the knee bolster pad. The problem is there appears to be two clips or skrews still holding the pad at the top of the knee bolster itself.

Once removed I need to reatach the knee bolster pad vinal material to the knee bolster pad itself. Any help on the glue or method of doing this would be greatly appreciated.

There are 2 push-in clips at the top. To remove the pad you need to pull out on the top of the pad to release them. Do this carefully, as evenly and as straight out as possible as the plastic pieces can break off. One of mine did, but I was able to epoxy it back on .

I would guess that any adhesive which works on vinyl or leather would work just fine. Any interior shop could give you recommendations. I once used extra hold headliner adhesive on a vinyl headliner and it worked well.
This pad is a real B--ch to remove. You have to be prepared to battle this thing, the clips seem like they are permanently clipped in placde but they do come free work on one side then the other. It is a tight space with little to grab. I almost sprained my thumb taking mine off. Good luck.
Search the forums on how to remove the bolster....many posts. Try and search first, the NSX has been around long enough that it is unlikely that YOU have found a new issue that hasn’t been discussed ad nauseous

I use spray on adhesive, available most anywhere: fabric stores, places that work with foam and most big box DIY home improvement stores. Just spray heavily on both sides and put it back together.

To maintain firm contact with the bottom lip and the vinyl I used a 10" drywall taping knife: put the bolster face down, tuck in the vinyl and “hang” the knife in the provided crook. Let it dry over night. Works great: this method even and firm pressure along the whole bottom.

I wanted to cover the entire thing in leather, but the area around the keyhole was the problem. It would have to be removed and replaced…which seemed to have a dubious chance of success. Well, at least no an easy chance of success.

Drew you said may posts.... I was unable to find a single post with respect to the removal of the knee bolster for an NSX, google, yahoo, dogpile, etc. Hence my query on NSXprime. If you have a source for this information, even one, please let me know so in the future I can reference that sigtht if unavailable here.

If you look at the red bar at nearly the top of the page, you see a 'search' option.
Click on this, enter: 'knee bolster remove' , without the quotes, and start searching.
Usuing 3 words allready limited my search, but the first result is prolly exactly what you needed.

Oh, btw, it IS a bastard to remove! Been there!!

search terms used: remove bolster

In under 45 seconds (I kept track), I was able use the SEARCH and these three entries came up. The first one is quite good.




It is hard to learn to do something if you don't do it yourself...which is why I indicated that you should "search the forums". Rather than ask for additional assistance, you challenge me.

/Challenge accepted.