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Lake Geneva Lunch and Drive - Sunday, June 10th, 1:30

28 May 2015
La Grange, Illinois
Hi Everyone!

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to look ahead to our Annual Lake Geneva Lunch and Drive. If you're new to the group, this has been our most popular event. We will be having lunch at The Geneva Inn on scenic Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The Geneva Inn is located on the south shore of Lake Geneva and offers delicious food, great service, and an unbeatable atmosphere. They have a separate parking lot where we can park our cars away from other customers. Following lunch we will take a drive up to Alpine Valley Resort, lasting around 45 minutes.

The Geneva Inn
N2009 S Lake Shore Drive
Lake Geneva, WI 53147

The restaurant is expecting us at 1:30. I've given them an estimate as to how many of us to expect, but I would appreciate it should everyone who plans on attending letting me know (and mentioning the number of people you're bringing). Please respond to this thread should you plan on going, and if after doing so you find that your plans change, likewise post. I will be trying to keep an accurate tally which will help them to provide us the best service possible. All NSX owners, former owners, enthusiasts, and their family members and friends are welcome. Please consider joining us!

For those of you coming from the Chicagoland area, we will be meeting for a cruise up to The Lake Geneva Inn. Plan on meeting at the Lake Forest Oasis on the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) northbound at 11:30. We will leave around 12:15 and head up to Lake Geneva.

Any questions? Post it here or feel free to pm me should you prefer. I hope to see everyone there!
Arisa and I will be there, thanks for putting this one together, Jeff!
Count me in and thanks for organizing, Jeff!
I need to get some quick work done before this GTG...am hopeful I can pull it off. Will respond later. Thank you Jeff for putting this together.
Jeff, I sent you and Jake an email about this event.

Interested, +1 with my fiance.
Count my wife and I in. Looking forward to it - also a new owner with a 91’ black imported RHD Nsx jointing with his wife
This is the current list that i have of people who are planning on attending:

1. Jeff and Kim
2. Paul and Arisa
3. Chasing VTEC and spouse
4. Joe
5. Jake
6. Andrew and spouse
7. Visal and Jezzica
8. Dustin and spouse
9. Greg and Mary
10. Ivar and spouse
11. Marek
12. Chris T. and spouse
13. Chris M.
14. Morgan
15. Chris D. and girlfriend
16. Jesus, spouse, and child
17. Dave
18. Steve and spouse
19. Ryan
20. Jim and Tina
21. Phil and Krista
22. Joel
23. Kurt
24. Luke
25. Brian and girlfriend
26. Poome
27. Jason and spouse
28. Gaston and Tatiana
29. Peter
30. John
31. Jay
32. Leon
33. Miguel and guest
34. Gr8dane and Sandy
35. Vince and wife

Based upon what I've seen in the past, I suspect that quite a few guys are either "on the fence" about this or planning on showing up unannounced. If you either know or think that you'll probably go, then PLEASE let us know! The restaurant is asking about numbers of attendees and it will help them plan for our lunch. Although this is an NSX event, we will also have people attending in a Honda S2000, Porsche Boxter S, Audi R8, Nissan GT-R, and a Ducati motorcycle!

So post if you're going and haven't already done so! I'll be back soon with information regarding the actual luncheon and drive afterwards.
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Additional attendees per Joel Z:

Joel Z - Milwaukee (solo)
Kurt N - Colgate (solo)
Luke C - Waukesha (solo)

Morgan B - Chicago (solo)

As always, thanks for leading this Jeff. You are a good guy for doing this.
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I just saw the email, I noticed the cruise and event are taking place in WI. That has to at least level the score for WI not having more attendees than IL. haha

I took a test run on the scheduled route today, all roads are in good condition.
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For those that do not know me, my name is Dustin and I will be attending and assisting with the cruise portion of this event.

I have a wonderful treat for you all, I have revised the route for the cruise and you will not be disappointed. Compared to the previous years we will be bypassing congested "stop and go light" city streets, we will be hitting many more twisty/curvy roads, and we will be driving 30 additional miles. The roads are mostly rural country and farm roads in good condition. The route information will be given to the group leaders in a digital format.

We will no longer drive in a single large pack in favor of driving in multiple groups. Each group will consist of up to 11 cars split up by 5 or so minutes. Each group will have a lead car that will guide a designated group of 10 through the route. I will have sign up sheets for everyone to choose which pace they want (rabbit or turtle).

On the day of the event, I will host a mandatory drivers meeting shortly before cruise departure that will answer all of your questions. It sounds silly to mention it as we all know we will be talking cars all morning, but I highly suggest everyone arrives to the Geneva Inn with a full tank of fuel and before we leave for the cruise everyone uses the restroom.

I'll see you all next weekend!