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Last call for Quabbin drive/meeting

21 September 2002
Lawrence, MA
As the title says it this is the last call for the Quabbin drive tomorrow. So far only Liquid and I are going, my friend may also be coming with his S2000. We will be departing at around 10:00am Saturday the 20th. Departure point is Worcester Polytechnic Institute Library parking lot. The closest address is 75 Boynton Street, Worcester, MA. hope you guys make a last minute change and show up :D.

Oh and this time I have a good camera for pics so I'm a try to take as much pics plus video of certain places.
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Definitely will have video for this drive and it'll be a good video too just tried it out this morning and I figured a way to mount it in the car and not have to hold it lol. Will also be taking lots of pics at stop areas :).
Okay well here are some of the pics

The only somewhat decent pic I got of Jame's NSX while on route 9.

Better picture quality of the quabbin res.


Rosie! Such a cutie! I hope you don't mind me posting this pic James.

The NSX and the MR2.

My Fav pic of them all and now my new background pic :)


Shoot I guess I needed to go farther back I cut off a bit of the NSX :(

10 min video of just one section of the drive, coming soon.

It was nice meeting you James, hope to see you soon for your NH drive :).
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What a perfectly beautiful day. Had a great time on the drive and very glad to have gotten out while it was so nice. Definitely looking forward to getting at least another drive in before the weather turns!
Yeah next time I want to be following you guys. To be honest I didn't know if you wanted me to push it a little more or if I was going a little too quick for what you wanted out of the drive, especially considering that Rosie was in the car. I also didn't get to show you the dam either with a great location for a photo but maybe next time.

Well either way I agree it was a great day and can't wait to do at least one more drive this year in NE, hopefully with more NSXPRIME MEMBERS! :D

P.S. I'm considering doing this drive again one more time when the leaves start to change colors with NSXPRIME and MR2OC members for a fall cruise.
Alright here is a ~10 min long video of the route 9 + the drive through the reservoir. Its a bit boring since we had to go pretty slow but you get to see a little of the drive.


At the 7:25 mark there is a small dirt road that goes into that open field that is visible just prior to the 7:25 mark. There are some tables there and I think it would be a great place to take a group photo and have a little barbecue/picknick at.
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If you decide to do another "run" in the Fall, please let me know and I'll try to make it. I was at Watkins Glen all last week and most of this weekend at a BMW National event, so couldn't make the Quabbin drive/meeting (which would have been quite conveinent for me since I live on the NE corner of the Quabbin, in Petersham!!).