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Last Weekend WSIR video

Awesome lap! I'm bummed I missed the trackday, I realized that morning and by then it was too late to load everything up and go. Let me know when you are going to be out at the next one (I know there are quite a few coming up) and ill make sure im there.

Im going to chuckwalla the 28th in my RSX that i've spent the last 2 months building. I just did the RDX injectors on that and I finally get my ECU back tonight, curious to see how it does. Ive been considering the RDX's for my NSX since I can get them for so cheap- but I already have the dali hotchip and don't want to deal with getting another chip/tune. Did you get yours re tuned to run the injectors?
Hey guys just sharing a lap at Willow Springs here.

Also I did a side by side compasion with the RDX injector upgrade. You can find that here.
Hope to see some X's at buttonwillow in Nov!
You've got to be here somewhere :)

You've got to be here somewhere :)


Anthony Felipe is my buddy in the Mazdaspeed3.. haha...:biggrin:
I think Mazdafest was that weekend...

Anyway, good work on that video. I like the side by side.. you can kind of see your line differing and I think there's still much time to be made up if you just live by one rule:

"When in doubt, FLAT OUT!"
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Happa you are right! I know that there is alot of time to make up I am entering 1 and 8 to slow. I just find that comfort zone and run very consistently at 1:45.

On a side note there classification system is very bad. If you are familiar with NASA or SCAA this is completely different. Street Class is basically anything that is not modified to much. I wish I could keep up with the gutted S2000 with APR 200 wing and canards. Maybe next time! haha!

First place was a modified 370Z that would have been classed in TTA or better with NASA, but the guys at tech thought that he was still ok in the street class *wink wink*
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