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LED Brake Lights (main)

13 February 2000
Austin, Texas
Has anyone installed one of those LED replacement lights like <a href="http://www.electricalconnection.com/other%20lighting/led_replacement_bulbs.htm">this</a> or <a href="http://www.wixtools.com/html/led_lighting.html">this</a>? I see a lot for sale on ebay lately, but I don't think I've ever seen a set on the road here in Austin.

On the NSX, I know it's not going to look like the factory LEDs on a Caddy, for instance. However, I think they would be noticable improvement since on/off transition on LEDs are a lot quicker than standard incandecants (although I'm not sure how the brightness of these models compares to stock lighting).

It looks like they have models that will fit the NSX (2057, 1156, 1157).
Originally posted by Ojas:
I think they would be noticable improvement since on/off transition on LEDs are a lot quicker than standard incandecants

It's not that big a difference.

If I recall correctly, the brake light on the spoiler is an LED-based light. So you can see the difference yourself, on your own car.
I have red LEDs in my car. A standard incandesent bulb takes about 200 milliseconds to get hot enough to produce light. At 60 MPH, thats 17.6', about a car length, and yes the center LED takes care of this but I like knowing they are there.

A few things, they are a deeper red than stock bulbs and match the color of the center LEDs, they also produce light in a tighter cluster than a bulb -- I solved this by bending all of the outer LEDs outward to form a wider pattern and it looks close to bulb.
The only real trouble is the flasher is now whacked because these draw about 1/8th the current of the bulbs so they now flash about 3X faster than stock. I incorrectly assumed the flasher was one of those simple 3 prong modules and could be replaced with an electronic adjustable unit.
It is about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes stacked and not meant to be easily removed.
I ended up soldering 25 Watt resistors across each bulb socket to simulate the original current draw. I tried 10 watts but they got too hot. 25 watt barely get warm.
I don't remember the ohmic value but can look if anyone needs.
Only other consideration is the two 194 spade bulbs in the center of rear tail lights now do not match the LEDs when headlights are on. I replaced these with red tinted 194s which made for a closer match.
I tried the 194 4-LED bulbs for an even closer match but wasn't happy with the very tight light pattern these produce.
I've had people follow me that noticed them and though they looked pretty cool.
I have 4 x 1157 hyper red LED bulbs and 2 x 1157 hyper amber LED bulbs for sale. Private me if you're interested.

I drove an Infinity G35 this weekend and it comes with LED lights. They were quick to point out all the great things about LED lights. They were really cool. I was really impressed with this car!

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