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How good are LED replacement brake lamp and signal lamp bulbs these days?


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1 August 2008
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Bob's post got me thinking... http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/216155-What-brake-lamp-bulb-part-is-needed

How good are the LED replacement bulbs these days? I tried some maybe >5yrs ago and they were terrible. Light output was low and quite directional so it didn't really "fill" the reflectors with ample light/lumen output. The signal led replacement bulbs were also of low impedance so the flashers blinked very fast as if a bulb was out.

Are the new ones better? Haven't had time to get updated on this but since I just updated to the 02+ taillamp fixtures perhaps it's time to update the bulbs as well. I do like that they draw a fraction of the wattage.

This one seems to address most of my concerns https://www.diodedynamics.com/tail-light-leds-for-1991-2005-acura-nsx-pair.html


Copied from linked thread for useful info!
It will be 2057

Starting from the turn signal and working towards the middle there are 5 bulbs:

1. Turn Signal - 3497
2 & 3. Brake Light/Tail Light - 2057
4. Tail Light - 194
5. Reverse Light - 1156

Since you have to pull the carpet away anyways might not be a terrible idea to do them all at the same time *SHRUG*
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Ah, I recall that website [MENTION=33247]MotorMouth93[/MENTION]! Got any pics by chance of their different illumination levels?

The Sylvania replacements seem to be the current go-to but that might just be because they're available at most auto parts stores. I'm hoping to find one with a near stock brightness when at partial brightness, but as bright as possible when the brakes are on or when the signals are flashing. I love how quickly LEDs achieve full brightness. I'll probably need to try out a few. There's a few that I've seen where the standard illumination is near full brightness so the difference between brakes on vs. off wasn't very noticeable - or some might confuse them for having their brakes on when they're not.
I have LED reverse bulbs and taillight bulbs.

I was thinking of getting LED brake/tail light bulbs, but was concerned about the “brake lamp” indicator on the dash.

Similarly, not sure if LED signal bulbs cause hyper flash.
anyone has experience with "sylvania 168 t10 w5w white led bulb" for the front parking light?

I read that they are 6000k and the 168 type bulbs would fit?