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Lithium Pros Battery with BMS

25 April 2005
Western PA
I've been corresponding with a lot of people about batteries and thought I would post what I've done on here since there is a lot of interest in lithium batteries these days.

Seems like everyone is putting these things in motorcycles, ATVs, Miatas, Corvettes, NSXs whatever. The problem is that most are not designed for charge currents exceeding ~15 Amps, and of course our alternators can put out 50 Amps just at a high idle and up to 120 Amps maximum. The other problem is that most batteries should not be drained at high currents for more than 5 seconds without risking thermal runaway (and the battery melting/fires that follow). Not good and not worth risking my car for. Also, if you ever drain your cells, they are usually permanently damaged unlike the old Pb-acid batteries. Finally, most lithium battery manufacturers have a weak pro-rated warranty and even then, will only allow you one replacement.

After a lot of research and a lot of going back and forth, I decided on a Lithium Pros battery with built-in Battery Management System. This thing even has a thermistor to measure cell temperature, and will kill the bus when it senses over-temp, over-current, low-voltage, and high-voltage to protect your investment (including your car).

This is the L40 model with a custom aluminum holder and vibration pad underneath. I had to redo my battery cables as this save even more weight and gets rid of your typical heavy round brass terminals your cables clamp onto. So, with new cables, terminals, and the special adhesive-backed heat-shrink this thing really cranks over the car much faster. I no longer have to worry if I'll have enough voltage for my aftermarket engine management system while it is cranking on a hot restart. It's also light, low, and makes more space for future radiator ducting.

Highly recommend the Lithium Pros....




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Sorry got a bit emoji happy there. Great concept and probably amazing but I'd be happy changing out my Odessy every 2 years for 110 including shipping. It'll take 20 years before I buy one of those
I needed the space but didn't want to put the battery in the trunk or under the dash.

I have more suspension stuff to put up front like the custom aluminum air tank for the cup kit, and the remote shock reservoirs.

Then, I have ducting from portions of the radiator to cover a lot of it up.

Just didn't want to sacrifice any part of my trunk, and I also don't have any space under the rear or in the fenderwells!

Wow. Two years later and this thing still works like new. I don't even have to leave it on a charger. It's sat outside in a detached garage the past three months in this cold PA winter and still had enough energy to crank over the engine. Why spend $300 on a lithium battery that can die after a year, or worse yet, catch fire because you're not using it in the correct application? Spend a little more and have peace-of-mind!

Here's the pic since the original disappeared. It has a custom aluminum mount with vibration absorption padding, and custom lightweight electrical cables and terminals. Too bad it is covered up with two 1-gallon aluminum air tanks and ducting....