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Little Green Door Clips

15 November 2007
Honolulu, HI
My driver's side door lower weather strip is missing several of the little green plastic clips that are shaped like a "T" with the top part of the "T" going in to the rubber and the pointed tip sticking in the door. There's quite a few of them that run along the outside of the door panel holding the strip in place.
Can someone please help with a part number on these little green monsters? I've been searching and haven't found them, and all of the parts store's images are too small to match by eye.
There are hundreds of those green T clips to keep the mouldings in place
91530-SP1-003 < on Legend's
91530-SH4-003 < on NSX's

both interchange

Those are the ones around the window. I'm looking for the ones that go around the bottom of the door. Are they normally $2.19 each?
any rubber parts like that use the standard t-clips on all hondas.

go to junk yard pull off 30 of them the junk yard might charge you 1.00 for all of them
Thanks everyone for the help. I'll go looking. Junk yards in Hawaii don't tend to have too many cars as we have to ship off large trash items.