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Little Mods that made you enjoy the car just a little more

24 September 2021
What are some little mods that you have done that really made you enjoy the car a little more?

For me, it was the EV mode speaker, wireless carplay, SOS downpipe, and valve delete exhaust.
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Don’t forget wheel spacers for the 2017 to 2021 NC1. You can easily change the color of the seat belts as well. Also add a high end radar detector and power it up via the upper interior console. I went with the Escort 360C. The other thing you can do is create a internet hot spot in the car with a mobile modem like the Spark. It connects to the OBd2 connector for power and provides an internet connection. Just a few items that come to mind in addition to what you mentioned. I was able to purchase CNC machined rear trunk carpet stays that won’t fall off like the OEM plastic units. The plastic ones are push on and can be screwed on gently. They just don’t hold. You can add a battery monitor that will measure charging and stationary voltage and report out via Bluetooth. Then you will know when your battery needs a trickle charger. I would recommend against changing out the air cleaners for foam or other high velocity units. This is not a weak point for the engine and you risk allowing dirt and grime getting into our $75,000 Cosworth hand built engines.
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What's an EV mode speaker?

I had the same question. Also thought of a couple more items for the list. I am awaiting my Lithium OEM fit 12 volt battery to be shipped soon. It will save 30 pounds of weight in the front. So it would balance out a 30 pound weight savings from changing out the exhaust. In addition SOS sells a high intensity horn as well as stainless steel extended hatch struts that make it easier to access the rear engine area. And I did not see mentioned the JB4 piggy back ECU that can be added to boost hp.
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Wheel spacers would be great……. If you can get them. Science of Speed appears to be the only game in town……. And they’ve been on “Back order”……GET THIS……. Since the end of LAST summer!!! I know personally….. they’ve had my money since the beginning of last November! Something to do with “Special Lug Nuts”. They have the spacer……
All great ideas! Did you use the SOS mount for the radar detector? How does it look once it is all fitted? What exactly is the CNC rear carpet?

As for the EV Mode speaker, I meant disabling the speaker in the front of the vehicle that makes the spaceship sound anytime it is in EV mode. (I removed the speaker core in it so it wouldn't set a light)

Does the JB4 allow for a complete "stock" mode? The carplay wireless add-on should allows me to control it from the center console (as it minimics an android phone), so it would be nice if I could change settings "in the car" rather with an external device as a feel.
I think the Type - S tracks a little wider, but part of me thinks that they are doing it via the use of spacers/backspacing? I don't believe that they change anything as far as the body goes?
I think the Type - S tracks a little wider, but part of me thinks that they are doing it via the use of spacers/backspacing? I don't believe that they change anything as far as the body goes?

The wheels on the new Type S have offsets that negate the need for spacers as I understand. As for the radar mount. I tried several aftermarket units that connected to the rear view mirror. I ended up going with the suction cup that comes with the Escort 360C. It is a clean look and works really well. Initially I had the suction cups on the Volvo and the NSX. I would just transfer the detector. Got tired of that and just bought another detector.

I don’t have the JB4 on my car and probably will not add it. Having said that I understand once installed you can set the unit to address the octane rating of the fuel you are using. From 91 octane To 100 octane. For those who do not have access to 100 octane fuel SOS offers a alcohol injection system for the car. This allows the 100 octane performance from a lower octane fuel. While I have not heard anything negative towards either the JB4 and/or the methanol injection system both are a road too far for me personally. The car is already a handful for me. For some fast is never fast enough.

the SOS downpipes provide for a great sound. SOS did the analysis and downpipes provide most of the benefits with aftermarket exhausts doing little other then reducing weight. On the negative side downpipes reduce some of the back pressure and torque possibly impacting 0 to 60 times. The sound improvements are worth it to me.