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Little (or big) things you wish the NSX had that other cars you have owned do.

My old 95 had a ring light around the ignition, my 2003 didn't... I wish they had the Metal key for the 2003, or the JDM Key with NSX logo on it. Stereo is fine by my standard, in fact I thought it was nicer than most other cars I have been in. As for in dash CD player... it would have been nice until I discovered a local auto sound dealer installed a iPod modual in place of the CD changer cord for $150 bucks, so I now have 60 gigs of music on top of the coin tray. LIttle more power will be fine, but the stock 03 I have is every bit as fast as my brother's 03 M5, and my friend's 05 911 C4, but little more will help. Also a door side storage will be great for the small glove compartment that was lost from having the passenger side air bag.
calexand said:
Echoing some already mentioned, and adding a few new ones:

- More passenger foot space! I don't know why the passenger has so much smaller a footwell than the driver. Fortunately, my wife is not very tall, but many of my other occasional passengers are, and have no place to put their legs.


The battery is on the other side of the foot wall.

* 500hp/500ftlbs V10 from my 03 Viper.
* Audio controls and CD Changer from my 03 M3
* SMGII Tranny from my 03 M3
* Nav from my 04 Lexus
* Supercharger from my 02 Mercedes AMG
djdrock said:
I also wish that the NSX had illuminated light for the cruise control. And if I am not mistaken, there is no illumination on the power window swithes.

ARGH!! I want these too!! It has always kind of irked me that my dad's Legend has lighted window switches but neither of my NSX's do. :frown:
My lincoln aviator has air-conditioned seats! being an arizona boy, nothing is better than getting into the car, turning on the seat A/C, and getting my nutz cooled off when it's 120 degrees out!!
I can't believe no-one has mentioned heated mirrors :confused: For those of us who use it as a daily driver(winter included) it's a real pain in the arse having to clear them on every cold morning.
Regarding in-dash CD player. I'm not sure how great that'd be in the NSX. It's not like there's any place to carry a bunch of CD's in the passenger compartment.
The one thing it should have is the Navi System from the TL/RL. This system is the Bomb! The screen and DVD unit would be heavier, but for the price of NSX admission we should be able to have it. Thus the engine should be able to pull the extra weight.

When I am out on the back roads I would love to have the ability to actually visualize the nearby roads and see which ones are the most complex.
MCM said:
2 NSX models may have made everyone happy.
A lightweight with crank windows, radio delite option, manual seats, etc
and a loaded model with all the doo dads a person could ever want.
They did a great job of trying to give us both IMO.
But still, not enough for some, and still too much for others! :biggrin:

They do, just not here.... Type R and Type S