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Long Island Meet Pics

2 June 2001
West Orange, NJ, USA
Our meet was so successful...we had 40+ cars show up...

my group was huge..we had about 20 cars...2 NSX (Tom & keith), 1 Prowler(Tom also), 1 540i, 1 CL-S, 9 TL/TL-S

I wanna thank Tom & Keith for coming to support this meet, it just gave us so much more variety and stealing the meet..







Click for Rest of pics here
Hey Joey,
My son Devon and I had a nice time at your meet. There were a lot of great cars, and people, there. Thanks for the invite. It was fun meeting everyone. Actually, two other NSX owners showed, but without their cars(sorry, I can't remember names). Thankfully, traffic on the way back to CT was a lot lighter than when we headed out to the Island.
As a side note, a sad sign of the times: One
of our Nsx owners, Miled, could not be there because he's been helping with the clean-up down in Manhatten. Also, this was the first time I have been anywhere near the city since the attacks. I used to fly out of LaGaurdia pretty regularly, always seeing the city's skyline, and thus the Trade Towers, as I drove in over the Whitestone Bridge. Yesterday, the gapping hole in the skyline was evident, and a stark reminder of things yet to come. Several different ethnic and racial groups were represented at the meet yesterday, and we all got along despite differences. Too bad the whole world isn't more like one big car meet.......

Peace to all,
Keith it was a pleasure to meet u and being able to ride in your beautiful NSX...you are totally right about the NYC incident..too bad the world can't get along like we did at the meet, but there is always hope...if the meet shows anything...just because of our common interest in cars. I haven't been to the city myself since the WTC incident either, except for yesterday.

Valerie, Shane, Devin and I all really had a wonderful time at the meet. The cars were well done and everyone was so nice. I very much appreciate Keith and Devon coming all the way from Conn with his beautiful NSX. The comradary made what would have been a great day an exceptional day. I hope to get a chance to visit with everyone again sometime. Thanks again for the fabulous afternoon.
Thanks Tom,

I had a wonderful time myself there that day and it was a pleasure to meet you, your wife and your son. It was also a pleasure to meet both of your beautiful cars..
I hope one day I'll be able to own such beautiful machines...you family was wonderful also. Wow best of luck to you.



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