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Looking for a nice, cheap, BMW DD?

He spent $1200 just to get his shocks installed.... Due to that fact alone it is worth a quarter of a mil.
I don't see how in the world he's getting $250K as a "reasonable" price. The car still needs work and his stupidity for sinking that kind of money into a car not remotely worth that kind of money is no excuse for asking 2.5x his investment in his selling price.
Unless that is some sort of collectors car then no way he's going to get that....its very clean though so I have to give him that......but otherwise he's smoking the good stuff.

That's hilarious.

And when did changing cams and adding a thicker headgasket increase compression? I think you can slightly increase dynamic compression with cams but certainly not static.

BS eBay ad is full of BS.
obviously this DB just wants attention...and with post like this and ones like this, probably on several other car enthusiast web sites, he is getting it...

what a duescher...:redface:
"This was my vision and I made it happened."

-I couldn't let that one slip by.

"Q: Very nice example of a 635csi. Custom interior looks fabulous. A less expensive alternative would have been to transfer an LS1 Corvette V8, though I understand why you placed an M5 engine in it from a purists standpoint."

- BATMANs posts on eBay ads now too? :smile:
and with some modifications including larger camshafts to achieve higher compression, thicker head gasket,

that interior is fantastic though! maybe if he used the newer m steering wheel(e46 m3/e39 m5) then the car would be worth 250k easy:tongue: