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LOOKING for advice on mod parts and sources

21 July 2014
I'm a new owner- actually won't have the car until the weekend. It's pristine and stock, a 96-T. For the purpose of adding some modern features I want to make some changes. Nothing that is not reversible. I'd like to ask the advice of others who have done these things and get your recommendations for the best parts and approach.

First item: I'd like to change the center console to install a double-din combo nav/stereo. I am skilled with plastic and fiberglass, so I have a couple options on the trim- One, my first choice would be to buy an aftermarket part if I can find a good one, or two- I could buy a salvage OEM part and modify it to get what I need. I also could then use the modified version it to make a mold, and produce fiberglass duplicates to have original one piece parts. Looking for sources for either a good aftermarket double-din console, or a reasonably good used one for the modification process. The original would be stored to retain the ability to go back to stock.

Second item: Recommendations for the best combo nav/stereo to fill that new trim. I'd prefer touch screen and back-up camera display capabilities along with the ability to use an ipod or usb stick as a music source.

Third: I want to add keyless remote. The car apparently does not have it and I don't think it has the dealer-installed module. Just looking for a good aftermarket recommendation.

Any experience with these? your advice appreciated!
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I should have a very-salvage OEM center console piece available in a few days. ScienceOfSpeed has wiring harnesses and mounting brackets but because every head unit is a slightly different size and shape they recommend custom-fitting a center console once exact dimensions of the install are known.

If you are an iPhone guy, the Pioneer NEX units with CarPlay are about as futuristic as it gets!
Welcome to Prime! Science of Speed and SCW Performance offer nice 2-DIN consoles. Note the SOS console must be cut and both must be painted/finished.



Any good basic aftermarket keyless remote will work fine. The power door lock module is located under the glovebox and can be tapped easily. As for the nav, several NSX owners have installed Pioneer units and seem happy with them.
I have a double-din center console with a Science of Speed carbon fiber overlay and a Pioneer AVIC-X910BT receiver with nav. Includes hands-free mic, lots of features. Wired with an IPOD/IPHONE connector (original style through iphone 5). Doesn't include a rear view camera but supports adding one. Instructions are included in the Installation Manual. I would include a Science of Speed double-din mounting frame.

I'd swap the works for an OEM center console in excellent condition and a working OEM head unit.

PM me if interested.
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