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Looking for thoughts/advice on Enkei TX5s

12 July 2018
Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been posted before, I searched Enkei TX5 and only one thread came up and it was kinda a side conversation. I was considering getting these on my 95. Has anyone used these and, if so, can you please share some pics? Beyond that, I'm not really 100% confident in the sizing that I want.

From what I've read and seen, I want to go 17x8 in the front, with either 35 or 45 offset, and 18x9.5 with 30 offset in the back. I'm worried about rubbing in the front - is 35 too aggressive? I'm not lowered at all, stock suspension with no coilovers or anything like that. Thanks for your time!
I would consider those offsets to be "aggressive". Keep in mind the factory wheels (1991 - 2001) had offsets of 55 mm front, 60 mm rear. See chart below from the Wiki

View attachment 154581

If you are planning on a BBK in the future not every wheel will be compatible. The offsets you list will likely not be compatible without a spacer of some sort.

The wheels I run (Advan RGIII) have offsets of +38 and +35 (front and rear respectively). BBK compatible with no rubbing at full lock.

Depending on what tire you plan on running you may get rubbing with the +35 on the front and most likely on the rear. Additional camber will help but will affect steering.

Finally, without lowering your car the stance is going to look wacky (like a 4x4) with those fitments. I'd plan on a mild lowering (approx 1") for appearance purposes.
I disagree with mwagner10702 on aftermarket sizing and fitment.
The 17x8 +45 is the safest offset. The 17x8 +35 can rub on certain cars (they did on mine) but not all. This is using a 215/40/17 tire. Personally I would probably go with the 17x8 +45 and add a 5mm spacer to get an effective offset of +40, but that's me. Some people say "no" to spacers.

18x9.5 +30 will fit fine with zero rubbing issues whatsoever if you run a 265/35/18 tire. Lowered or not. I've run 19x9.5 +25 with 275/30/19 tires with no rubbing issues, lowered on Eibach, stock unmodified fenders, so you'll be fine.