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Looking to purchase car in Northeast

11 June 2008
Federal Way, Washington
I'm a new prospective owner; looking at a car on the right coast and being a left coast resident this is a challenging task! The car in mention is owned by Jaynsk1 and I'm aware of the rebuilt title on the car and plan to have the car evaluated by Open Road Acura in East Brunswick, NJ. Jay appears to be straight forward and has given me good communication and details about the car. I have the Carfax report and would like to hear from any forum members who have seen the car and or can speak from first hand experience about the quality of the dealership. As my user name indicates I race formula cars (Formula atlantic) as a hobby and do not have any plans to track the car just need a good mid engine manual transmission car to drive during race season. Just sold off my last stick shift car and already have the jones to manipulate a gearbox weekends only one a month is not enough. Thanks! Just got a message to post this question here also.
Bring it by my place, I'd say Im slightly more qualified to PPI an NSX:biggrin: