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LOTS OF OIL Under Coil Over?????

14 March 2005
I'm changing my plugs, car has 81,000...I posted earlier.

First front plugs dry...a little burned

Rear side plug, on drivers side, smelled like oil...took off coil over, it was wet with oil.....what does this mean????

I'm a bit afraid....help
update....just about 1 1/2 inches into the hole where the plus seats there is a small rubber gasket that goes 360 degrees around. is this particular plug its all wadded up to one side....all the other 5 plugs are fine, rubber gaskets inside are good...
Sounds like the #3 seal was mis-installed previously. You should get a VC gasket and three spark plug gaskets, remove the cover and replace all. I use a little High-tach glue to hold them in place. The rear can be challenging to R&R, pretty tight in there. You will see:):). The earlier ones are in fact the easiest.

Good Luck,
Thanks Larry B...I figured it may be a v-cover gasket. It's just so darn new to me(NSX) everything seems huge.

Is there any online instructions you know of for R&R? Thanks a bunch...you rock!!!

In your subject you said "coil over," but I think you mean "coil pack." Coil over is the shock absorber with threaded perch.

I also have this same problem. Can I just remount the gasket at the spark plug section of the valve cover.
I would not recommend only replacing the one spark plug gasket. JMO.