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Love the NSX...but why? (non-owner)

Why I like it. It's the only daily drivable supercar ever made. Some argue the Ferrari 360, and F430 are daily drivable, but they're really not.

As far as power, a lot of people are ignorant about it. I've raced 2 new 400hp Corvettes, and took both of them. Search for my posts, I made a post about one of the kills.

Second, you have to ask if a Ferrari 360 is slow. No? It runs the same 1/4...
Ferrari 360 = 12.8
NSX = 12.9

Modena is .2 seconds faster than F355 at 60mph 4.4 versus 4.6 and quarter mile is around 12.55 while F355 sits dead at 12.75 by most test trivial but FYI. Most Nsx times are around 13.2 for 6 speeds only a few ever hit the 12.9


Here motortrend hit 12.2 but questionable 3.9 to 60.
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Well, i have been on a market for an nsx some time now. But somehow i landed on 08 lexus isf, the isf was fully loaded and i been having it since march 08. The lexus there are not a things that i can talk trash about it. But then again there are something specials about nsx that the isf can not compare. So i went traded back for 05 nsx. This is not my first nsx tho.
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I have been a car nut all my adult live. I remember seing the first showing of the NSX at the UK motorshow and liking its looks compared to the other supercars of the time (Ferrari 348 anyone? :rolleyes:) it was beautiful.

Now 17 years on it is still fresh and i can say that I have only ever seen a handful, yet when you do they still look special. :smile:

Exclusive and gorgeous what can I say?


Here the secret:

Reasonably priced
Retail support in every city
REALLY good air conditioning.

Try to find that in any other sports car:biggrin:

I think that maybe once in the lifetime of a car manufacturer, they produce a car that is the pinnacle of everything that cars stand for. Chevrolet nailed it with the Corvette, Ford with the Mustang, Mazda with the Miata, Nissan/Datsun with the original Z cars and Honda with the NSX. They may not be the best sellers, the fastest, best handling, least expensive, best looking but that one car defines a moment in automotive history and remains for decades the defining symbol for that manufacturer.

I remember people lamenting the fact that Honda went with a V-6 in the NSX and dismissed it immediately for that one reason - never drove it, never rode in it, just simply said anything less than 8 cylinders is worthless and 12 would be even better. Those people missed a great car and an opportunity to own something that will be a piece of automotive history.

I bought a C6 Corvette in 05 thinking the Chevy had finally reached a highpoint with the car. While I loved the raw power, the build quality was horrendous, it was plagued with electronic gremlins that no one could find and so GM purchased it back under the lemon laws. When I set foot in my NSX for the test drive, already knew that this eleven year old car was better screwed together than the Corvette ever was and that I would worry less about breakdown in this used car than I did in a new Vette.

I have very eclectic tastes in cars. I've completely restored a 64 Corvair Spyder Vert, collect early edition Miatas, have a 65 small block Vette and now the NSX. Again, to me it just represents the single best thing Honda ever did (and perhaps is likely to ever do). It's an opportunity to own a little piece of automotive history at a very reasonable price. And oh yeh, more fun to drive and be seen in than the law should allow :D