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Low Miles BBSC Novi 2000 400HP Supercharger With OEM Parts and Comptech 6 Gr Pulley

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26 February 2004
So' Cal
-- SOLD, Thank you Prime! --

BBSC Novi 2000 NSX 400+ HP Supercharger Kit for Sale $3900 OBO

Kit Includes:
- All parts from original kit
- Paxton Novi 2000 Blower (Larger One)
- BASCH Drive Unit
- RC 440 Injectors
- Billet Pulleys, Brackets, Clamps, Intake Elbows, etc.
- 4.75” High Boost Drive Pulley
- All hoses, fittings, nuts and bolts
- Billet Coolant Tank with Coolant Cap
- Oil Fill Cap, 6 Groove Drive Belts, one used, one new
- Fuse Box Relocation Bracket
- Illustrated Color Installation Manual

Extras Included in Sales Price (not part of original kit, but very useful):
- Pre-cut Factory Fuel Rail Cover (keep yours to put your car back to stock)
- Drilled, Tapped Oil Pan with correct AN Fitting for Oil Return Line (keep your stock one)
- Comptech Steel 6 Groove Balanced Dampening Pulley (superior to Billet one)

Some Details:
- Professional Installation of this Kit is available in San Diego for $850 at Applied Motorsports, seller can arrange for installation. Dyno Tuning is separate charge, also available.
- Kit was bought from Anthony DeJoy, had low miles, and was never installed on seller’s car due to the fact that it is not CA Smog Legal and concerns over Split Second Box.
- To pass CA smog, you can swap back to your factory injectors, alternator pulley, and put the K&N back on the throttle body. You will need to load a factory map into your AEM. The rest is “engine jewelry” and can stay in place for the right Smog Tech. Seller can also supply the EO number from a California legal Comptech blower for smog reference.
- Kit comes with legendary “Split Second” door stop. Be sure to use an AEM or other ECU to map timing and fuel and I also highly recommend Methanol Injection or an air::water cooler for best performance and engine life.
- Installed kit shown is for reference. The car shown with the polished kit uses Methanol Injection and puts out 400+ HP at the wheels with the BBSC N2000 kit.
- All sales are “as-is” and everything believed to be in good working order, but has been sitting a while and was never run by seller. All bearings, seals, rubber parts on the SC and drive unit look good. I would recommend getting new AN lines (fittings are nice and can be re-used as they are expensive). I would recommend flow testing the RC injectors.
- Buyer Pays Shipping

Call or Text Russ 760-560-8473

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