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Make-A-Wish Exotic Show in Celebration FL (pics)

30 January 2005
Sarasota, FL
Doing my part to fill the void and provide some weekend content, here are pictures from the show I attended yesterday in Celebration, FL.

Starting off with the best part, a half dozen NSXs. ;)




Nice see you guys.

The show is held on the streets of Celebration FL, a planned community next to Disney. The show is about 3 square blocks in size. For the most part, birds of a feather parked together. If I had to guess, I'd say there were about 200 cars in the show.

I go to more car shows than anyone I know, but somehow I've never been to a show with a Veyron. That streak ended this day! :D

The show was billed as having "every model Lamborghini ever made". This Muira belonged to the Shah of Iran and to my eyes this is one of the sexiest cars ever. It's not too big, it's not too small, it's got a V12 right behind the driver's ear. What's not to like?

They failed in the boast though because the new Revention didn't show up. This was made up for by an abundance of Countach and Diablos.

This was pretty cool, a Jaguar XJ220 from the early 90s. It had a window sticker showing the price new at $700,000! It's got a 500 HP turbocharged V6 and supposedly was capable of 220 mph.

Wandering around, what do I see? Holy Crap, another Veyron! :eek: As it turned out, there was still another one farther in.

As in years past at this show, there was Pantera row. This is the car that I lusted for in high school. I still wouldn't mind having one.

And DeLorean row. Part of the charity event had a decked-out BttF DeLorean on display, but the crowds prevented my getting a good picture. It was pretty damn impressive even knowing it was a movie prop.

Lots of F355 cars. I can actually see myself owning one of these someday. And I want a blue one, just like this.

So pretty...

I guess I've become quite jaded. I've seen so many Enzos and F40s and F50s that I have to remind myself to slow down and take a pic sometimes. But damn, I do loves me some Ferrari Enzo goodness.

I'll end it with this picture of the transverse mounted V12 in that Muira. I drive an MR car every day and know all too well what it sounds like to have the intake just inches behind my ear. I can only imagine what 12 individual throttle bodies would sound like right behind my ear, but I imagine it's quite nice.

The rest of the pics + larger sizes can be seen here.


That's it, hope everyone enjoys their weekend like I have. Later!
Is'nt it interresting that the miura design is universaly accepted as pure sex,and mid /rear engine,but on critical examination that design could easily support a front mid engine,so maybe there is hope for an atractive nsx successor.:wink:
Great photos. Wonderful cars. Thanks for sharing.

We had a Euro meet today in the Bay Area today and there was a Miura there. Neat car, and the owner was a great guy. He found it as a "barn car" a few years ago. Has a great sound. I thought it was almost like something that started the NSX concept.
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This is Disney? Thanks for these photos.

Not exactly, Celebration is a city on Disney propery. It was originally started to be designed as a "utopian city of tomorrow" and Walt Disney's dream of EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow). After Walt died, EPCOT became a theme park and Celebration a town with some of his ideas. Here's more:

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