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Man Caught by Police Urinating in Car Gas Tank on Video

27 November 2002
Man Caught by Police Urinating in Car Gas Tank on Video


Man Caught by Police Urinating in Car Gas Tank
Eric Bower 20.APR.08


A man was caught by police urinating in a car gas tank of one of our own staff members on Saturday at 2:44 PM.

Surveillance video of a parking lot on Chestnut Ave. shows a man walking up to the 2007 Ford Fusion of BloomUtoday.com co-owner Jessica Bower. The man then opens the gas door and begins urinating in it for several minutes. Police on bicycles can be shown traveling on East 3rd Street and then onto Chestnut Ave a short time later then catching the man literally with his pants down. The man then ran from police and a chase began. The man was caught a short time later by police out of view of the cameras.

Jessica Bower attempted to take her car to A&A on East Street to buy some dry gas to resolve any possible problems but was unsuccessful. The car made it past the intersection of Chestnut Ave. and Fifth Street before the engine stalled out. The Ford Fusion was stuck on Fifth Street for some time tying up traffic until a tow truck could arrive. The car was taken to a local garage which was closed this weekend. Police say the man caught will be responsible for any damages incurred due the urination and will also face criminal charges. The identity of the man had not been released as of Saturday.

Jessica, my sympathies... :eek:
Wow. With these prices I was going to pee in my tank. Glad I read this and didn't mess up my engine.:biggrin:
"...urinating in it for several minutes."

Really? "Several minutes"? Kidney stones? Enlarged prostate?

Even when my bladder is painfully full, about a minute is all I get. Dude must have a bladder the size of a watermelon.
The amazing thing is there are all kinds of people around!!! Within like 10 feet of him when he starts and when he is going towards the end.

Amazing the police just HAPPEN to be coming by that way??