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Mas du Clos & Charade 2005

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam

*** ON SHORT NOTICE (24hr) ***

On friday the 22nd of july, there will be the NSX Trophy on Mas du Clos, and the following saturday on Charade.
A small dutch group will drive up there on thursday the 21st, or maybe on wednesday the 20th, not sure yet.
Return will be unknown for now, but expected on sunday or so, or maybe add a few days if you take your Sheila.

For now the following arangements are made:

- GerardVanSanten will be driving down from the south off France to the circuit, since he's there for vacation. So he will attend, but won't drive up with us guys.
- Peter Potter will drive down with us from Holland to France, but might not come back with us.
- Moi will take me Sheila, drive down with Peter, and return on maybe a monday, not sure yet.

If you wanna come along, drop us a note, don't wait to long, coz we have to make reservations at one of the chambre d'hotes.

Please read back in previous topics on Mas du Clos, its absolutely worth it.

Its also a great place to take pictures of your car ;)


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