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Master cylinder problem with PG1

29 June 2011
So I've had my Comptech PG1 clutch installed for about 10 months (the car previously had a PG2) and I had to replace the master cylinder about 8 months ago. I assumed this was a normal part failure as I believe it was original from '91. Just a couple days ago though I had another master cylinder go on me and the car is back in the shop now. When the PG2 was installed and when I had the PG1 installed I left the stock clutch damper on the car instead of putting on the Comptech damper delete block. I thought that this might be the problem, however, Nate @ CT said that the damper delete block will not take any pressure off of the master cylinder. I know that the CT clutch must be harder on the master cylinder because of the greater amount of pressure that it requires, but I have never heard of anyone else having these issues. So my question is what could be causing the accelerated wear on my master that no one else experiences? Any help is appreciated!