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Mclaren Mp4-12c 2013 get more power!

23 October 2000
Saint Augustine, FL
Just what they needed :) Good thing I didn't buy that 2012:wink:

The most significant update, at least to us, is an additional 25 hp for the MP4-12C’s twin-turbocharged, 3.8-liter V-8. The power increase will come by way of an engine-computer update, bringing the power total to 618 hp. McLaren also is modifying the car’s transmission programming and adding software to allow drivers to alter the level of engine noise entering the cabin. The current MP4-12C has a valved sound tube that pipes intake noise into the cabin at different levels, depending on which driving mode is selected. Now, McLaren owners will be able to adjust the valve independently of the driving mode. Full loud? Yes, please.

Among the less sexy—but still useful—updates is the addition of Bluetooth and navigation functionality for the MP4-12C’s touch-screen–based infotainment system. (The 2012 car had the hardware to support both nav and Bluetooth, but the software wasn’t ready until now.) McLaren also is adding an optional suspension lift mode, which can raise both the front and rear of the car at low speeds. This should prove useful to customers who occasionally are confronted by a steep driveway or rough road. Finally, the MP4-12C’s radio antenna was tweaked for enhanced reception.
ritesh mentioned his car was getting these
I wonder if he will get the power boost.

Have tuners started messing with this car yet?

I'm sure he will,who would'nt.......but would'nt it be comical if they punked him with whistle tips and the turbonator:biggrin:
LOL.... Yes!!! Apparently its an apology for not having the Sat/Nav working. At ~ 615 HP it will have 200 more HP than my beloved GT3!:eek::eek: I have a buddy who is thinking of trading in his 12c for a F458 spider and I asked if I could have his 25 PS too!! HAHA.

The reality is that the car is so ridiculously fast that another 25 HP probably won't be noticeable.... BUT who would pass it up!

What's most impressive is that McLaren unlike Ferrari will give the early adopters the upgrade for Free. Fiat.....Oh Sorry Ferrari would just increase the price on the next MY and say that it comes with more HP and better software. Actually, Come to think of it, Ferrari is charging all 2010/2011 MY F458 owners for the 2012 software upgrade!:rolleyes:
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LOL - Well its a good thing I don't drive it in the rain. J/K. I heard about it - not worried.

Though my friends still refer to it as the Lucas Electrics car!